Beauty & the Beast Auditions

This year Diamond High School is doing Beauty and the Beast as the musical.

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Beauty & the Beast Auditions

Abigail Harrold

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When: Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th

Start Time: 3:30 both days (You are not required to come both days.)

Where: Band Room

What You Need: Prepare a short song with or without the accompaniment of music. You will need to provide the music. You will also read from the play in small groups. Create the best characters you can. They’re not looking for perfection. They’re looking for positive people who can build up others and celebrate their accomplishments with them.

Performance Dates (Including Tech Rehearsals): March 25-30

Message from Mrs. B: That’s right! We need you– cast and crew– every night of that week to perform a great show. It creates stress and more work for everyone else if you can’t be there every night that week. It doesn’t matter if you “know your lines.” We have to integrate lights, mics, moving set pieces, and costume changes. Take pride in what activities you are involved in. You may have to make some difficult choices. Whatever activities you choose, even if one of them is not the spring musical, commit yourself to it 100 percent. It will be worth. I promise. –Mrs. B

Rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6:3o p.m. (All) – Wednesday: 3:30 p.m. (Solos, Ensembles, & Scenes)

Other Notes: We are willing to work around some conflicts during the rehearsal period if they are not excessive. Everything just comes together so much better if people are here.